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The ViT Mentorship Program furthers VetsinTech’s mission to veterans, active duty and military spouses are they transition out of service and into meaningful careers in the tech industry.  The program provides veterans, active duty and military spouses with access to top technology mentors in areas of education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

You are invited to sign up for the virtual mentorship program, available to all participants in our programs. Mentorship pairs are matched based on a series of questions related to participant experiences, current skills, and desired goals. The pair then commit to virtual mentorship sessions aimed at giving veterans, active duty and military spouses very tangible outcomes and next steps on their path to success. Mentors and Mentees can engage in a simple “flash” session of 1 hour or less or a longer engagement up to 3 months.

Why Become a Mentor?

  • EMPOWER veterans, active duty, and military spouses as they transition from service to tech career
  • RECRUIT talented and digitally savvy veterans, active duty and military spouses to your organization
  • EXPAND your relationship with a national network of veterans and military family advocates

Why Become a Mentee?

  • CONNECT with expert mentors with relevant knowledge and skills
  • LEARN to navigate your transition from those who have done it successfully
  • EXPLORE education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for in demand technical skills

Who is Eligible?

The ViT Mentoring program is available for all Veterans, Active Duty and Military Spouses.